Photo gallery

Scroll down to see pictures of our more recent shows, plus a few older ones!  


Gypsy 2017

sweeney todd

Sweeney Todd 2016

the pirates

The Pirates of Penzance, 2015. For more pictures, click here


Bugsy Malone,  2014. For more pictures, click here

IAOS_WoOz_43 (2)

The Wizard of Oz, 2014. For more pictures, click here


Me and My Girl,  2013. For more pictures, click here

Oliver!, 2012.  For other pictures of Oliver! click here

A Winter Wonderland, 2010. For other pictures, click here.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 2010. For other pictures of Hunchback, click here.

3 Alices lawn

 Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, 2009.  For other pictures of Alice in Wonderland, click here.

  Billy & Julie

 Carousel, 2009.  For other pictures of Carousel, click here.

Sentimental Journey, 2008.  For other pictures of Sentimental Journey, click here


The King and I, 2008.  For more King and I pictures click here

West Side Story, 2007. For more West Side Story pictures click here


Oklahoma, 2006.  For more Oklahoma pictures click here.


Let’s Go To The Movies, 2005


Annie, 2004.  For more Annie pictures click here


Wind in the Willows, 2003.  For more Wind in the Willows pictures click here


Copacabana, 2003.  For more Copacabana pictures click here


The Quaker Girl, 1968 (Can you spot Alan Titchmarsh? – 3rd from right, back row)

Aladdin 1924



Aladdin, 1924