Alice in Wonderland


Wharfedale Festival Awards 2010

Runner up, Best Overall Production

Best Stage Presentation

Best Director, Miranda Armitage

Special Award for Lighting and Costumes




Certificates of merit to Frankie Burgess, Genni Debney, Colette Howarth, Jack Hanson, Rosa Hesmondhalgh, Ailish Mullan Wilkinson

Special Award to the 3 Alices, Frankie, Genni & Colette

Alice – Frankie Burgess
Small Alice – Genni Debney
Tall Alice – Colette Howarth
White Rabbit – Jack Hanson

Cheshire Cat 1 – Catherine Turner
Cheshire Cat 2 – Leah Millward
Cheshire Cat 3 – Charlotte Armitage
Mad Hatter – Ashley Caton
March Hare – Nick Bellwood

Tweedle Dee – Roza Hesmondhalgh
Tweedle Dum – Ailish Mullan Wilkinson
Caterpillar – Matt Lovell & William Lovell
Doorknob – Fiona Rosala

King of hearts – Phil Marston
Queen of Hearts – Caroline Marston
Knave of Hearts – Kate Barton
Dormouse – Andrew Rabbage
Dodo Bird – Steph Burgess
Mathilda – Jess Owen

Flowers – Bea Debney, Louise Godden, Georgina Harris, Marianne Millward, Kjersti Moore, Anna Tench
Chorus – Sophie Armitage, Daniel Burgess, Lucas Rocholl, Mary Warren

3 Alices lawn

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